Scholarships in Finland 2023 | Fully Funded

Are you dreaming of studying in Finland but worried about the financial burden that comes with it? Well, worry no more! We have some great news for you. The Finnish government and universities are offering fully funded scholarships for international students to pursue their dreams in 2023.

Yes, you read that right – FULLY FUNDED! This opportunity is not to be missed if you want to experience world-class education, immerse yourself in a unique culture and make lifelong connections. So buckle up and let’s explore the exciting opportunities waiting for you in Finland!

Finland Scholarships

Finland is one of the most generous countries when it comes to awarding scholarships. There are several different types of Finnish scholarships, including merit-based scholarships, which are awarded to students based on their academic achievements and/or character traits.

Finland also offers tuition waivers for students who attend accredited universities in Finland. Additionally, many Finnish companies offer scholarships for employees who pursue degrees or vocational training in fields such as engineering or business.

There are several ways to find out if you qualify for a Finnish scholarship. The best way to start is by searching the website of the Finnish Scholarship Foundation, which maintains a database of all the available scholarship funds. Alternatively, you can contact your local educational institution or company to see if they have any scholarships available for students from your country or region.

Finland Scholarships for International Students

Finland is a great place to study abroad. The country has a rich culture and history, as well as world-renowned universities and research institutes. Finland also offers scholarships for international students.

These scholarships are usually fully funded, making them an excellent option for students who want to study in Finland but don’t have the money to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses.

There are many different types of Finnish scholarships that you may be eligible for. Some of these scholarships are awarded based on academic merit or extracurricular activities, while others are designed specifically for international students.

You can search for Finnish scholarship opportunities online or through your local Finnish embassy or consulate. If you are interested in studying in Finland, be sure to check out the scholarship options available to you. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a scholarship that is perfect for you!

Finland Student Loans

Finland offers a variety of scholarships for international students, both full- and part-time. These scholarships can cover all tuition costs, as well as living expenses. Some of the most popular Finland student loans include the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation scholarship, the Jyväskylä University Scholarship, and Merit Scholarships from EATukaisuus ry.

To be eligible for any Finnish scholarship, you must first apply online or through the college or university’s scholarship office. Once your application is approved, you will need to provide proof of your academic achievement and financial need.

Most Finnish scholarships are fully funded, which means that the government pays for your entire tuition cost. However, some scholarships require you to pay a portion of the total tuition cost. To find out more about eligibility requirements and how to apply for a Finnish scholarship, visit our website or speak with an advisor at your nearest college or university.

Finland Exchange Program

Finland has a highly competitive scholarship program that provides full funding for students to study in Finland. There are several different scholarships available, including those for students with special talents or interests, international students, and young people from low-income families.

The Finnish government offers more than 1,200 scholarships each year, making it one of the most generous scholarship programs in the world. The majority of these scholarships are for students studying in Finland full-time, but there are also several scholarships available for part-time or summer study.

To be eligible for a Finnish scholarship, you must be nominated by your educational institution or sponsored by an organization or individual. You will also need to provide evidence of financial need and proof of enrolment in a course or program at a Finnish university or college.

Once you have been nominated and accepted into the program, you will need to apply for your scholarship grant. This can be done online through the Finnish Scholarship Agency website or by mailing in an application form.

Once you have received your grant letter, you will need to arrange travel and accommodation while you are studying in Finland. The Finnish Scholarship Agency website has comprehensive information on all aspects of applying for a Finnish scholarship.

It includes guides on how to create Expression OF Interest (EOI) letters; write successful scholarship applications; and find information on student loans and other financial assistance available to international students in Finland.

Finland Education Banks

Finland has several educational banks that offer scholarships to students from around the world. These banks are generally well-funded and provide scholarships of varying amounts and duration.

One example is the Siltala Scholarship Foundation, which offers scholarships worth up to €5,000 per year to Finnish students studying abroad. The foundation also offers one-time grants of up to €2,500 to Finnish students who need financial assistance to study abroad.

Other notable educational banks include the Tapiola Educational Savings Bank, which awards scholarships worth up to €6,000 per year, and the OPettaja- ja opiskelijaeläkelaitos (Employee Retirement Scheme), which provides grants of up to €10,000 per year to Finnish employees who want to pursue an education in a foreign country.


Finland is a top choice for international students looking to study in a high-quality educational system. With many prestigious universities and colleges to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect degree for your goals and needs. Scholarships in Finland can help make your education affordable, so don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity!

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