Malaysia International Scholarship

Dear fellows, many students asked about general post regarding Malaysia International Scholarship.

Here is a brief introduction about the scholarship.

This scholarship covers your tuition fee and a monthly stipend of 1500 MYR. Which can cover your monthly expenses easily.

You have to apply on the link provided. Try to Google im sure you will get more help.

general info: MIS is for Ms and PhD, MTCP is for Ms only. Mtcp is highly paid and is not for health related sciences. If you havea strong profile for Master then apply for MTCP. But remember you can apply either for MTCP or for MIS.

There is no application fee, and no IELTS or gre required.

Open the link provided in the picture, try to read the instructions and fill the form with relevant data.

First of all you should prepare a brief and good research proposal and motivation letter. You will need two recommendation letters from your professors.

After successfully completing your application materials, you have to print the form and attest it from MOFA. Then, You have to scan this attested form and upload it on the same portal.

You will get a confirmation email. After a month you will get an email whether you are shortlisted or not.

If you are shortlisted you will be asked to attent the online 15mins interview and prepare a good 10mins presentation. 5 mins are for questions answers.

It’s good to relate your Synopsis/proposal to Malaysia, im sure you will get shortlisted.

After successful interview, you will receive another email in August or may be in September regarding selection or rejection.

If you get selected you will be given a list of universities and you will be asked to secure admission in a Malaysian university.

For PhD candidates i suggest you should contact a potential supervisor first and ask them for acceptance. In Malaysia you don’t need any formal acceptance letter but if he/she agrees to supervise you, you can name them in your university admission application, it will speed up your admission process. I recommend to contact your supervisor and ask whether he/she is willing to accept you or not.

You will have to pay 10-25k pkr university application fee. After getting admission letter you will send that admission letter to the MIS through an email and they will respond you with a final admission letter. After getting that letter you will have to apply for Visa through EMGS. You will get your visa in a few days, book your flight and welcome to Malaysia.

Pics are for motivation.

Ps: in Malaysian universities admissions are open throughout the year for research mode only so don’t worry about the last dates. Just try to focus on your application.

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