what is the Amount of Peef Scholarship

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PEEF, or Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, is a beacon of hope for many students in Pakistan. Established with the intent to provide scholarships to talented and deserving students, PEEF has facilitated countless students in realizing their academic dreams.

If you’ve been contemplating applying for the PEEF scholarship or are just curious about its offerings, one primary question might be on your mind: “What is the amount of the PEEF scholarship?” Let’s dive deep into understanding the financial value of this scholarship and how it can benefit you.

What is the Amount of PEEF Scholarship?

When it comes to investing in our future and ensuring that deserving students are provided the resources they need to continue their education, scholarships play a pivotal role. Among the plethora of scholarships available globally, the PEEF Scholarship has created its distinct mark. If you’re pondering upon the question, “What is the amount of PEEF Scholarship?”, you’ve landed at the right place.

The Origin and Importance of PEEF Scholarship

Before diving into the exact amount, it’s pertinent to understand what PEEF stands for. PEEF or the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship is an initiative by the government of Punjab, Pakistan. The primary objective of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to deserving and talented students, allowing them to pursue their academic dreams without the burden of financial constraints.

Decoding the Amount of PEEF Scholarship

The amount awarded to the selected students under the PEEF Scholarship varies based on a few parameters:

Level of Education: The scholarship amount differs for students at different educational levels such as intermediate, graduation, and masters. For instance, intermediate or graduation students might receive a different sum compared to those pursuing post-graduate degrees.

Type of Institution: The scholarship amount can also vary depending on whether the student is enrolled in a government or a private institution. Typically, those in government institutions might receive a higher sum as the fees in these institutions are generally lower than their private counterparts.

Specific Needs: Some students might receive additional funds if they are from particularly marginalized communities or have certain disabilities.

While exact figures can fluctuate year by year based on funding and the number of applicants, as of my last update in 2021, the scholarship amount for intermediate and graduation students ranged from PKR 1,500 to PKR 3,000 per month. For master’s students, the monthly stipend was approximately PKR 3,000 to PKR 6,000. It’s crucial to check the official PEEF website or contact relevant government bodies for the most updated figures.

How to Apply for PEEF Scholarship?

To be considered for the PEEF Scholarship, students need to fulfill specific eligibility criteria and submit necessary documentation. The application process is generally advertised in newspapers and on the official PEEF website. Keep an eye out for application deadlines and ensure that all documents are submitted in a timely manner.


The PEEF Scholarship is not just about the monetary amount but the hope and opportunities it provides to countless students. It’s a testament to the government’s commitment to making education accessible to all. If you or someone you know is considering applying for the PEEF Scholarship, remember that it’s an investment in a brighter future. So, delve deeper, gather all the required information, and take a step towards realizing your academic aspirations.

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